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Seattle, Bluedogs Headlines

2015 Dodgeball World Championship
Registration starts now for the 2015 Dodgeball World Championship the longest running, global dodgeball event on the planet. Make friends. Dodge things. See you in Vegas! Read More
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The Opening Rush - Issue 10 :: The Arm Fake
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The Opening Rush - Issue 9 :: Honesty is the Best Policy
As the saying goes, "It's only breaking the law if you get caught." A look at honest and its impact on the dodgeball court. Read More
2014 Dodgeball World Championship
Another great weekend of dodgeball. Thanks to all who attended, our volunteers and NDL Pros. See you next year. Read More
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2013 Dodgeball World Championship - Recap Online
Celebrating 10 years of Dodgeball Champions- The Dodgeball World championship, four days dodgeball fun and competition in Las Vegas. Thanks to all the teams, players and volunteers who participated- we look forward to seeing you next year.Recap Website Read More
New Zealand Summit Black Kea's, Heading to the DWC.
Dodgeball is taking off in New Zealand, Seven players from the Speight's Summit National Dodgeball Tour are heading to Vegas and bring their Haka with them. Read More
The Opening Rush - Issue 5 :: You mean like the movie?
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The Opening Rush - Issue 4 :: Dodgeball, Sexist?
Dodgeball equality, the Opening Rush examines if dodgeball is a sexist sport. Read More
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The Opening Rush - Issue 2 :: Basics 101
Below are some basic guidelines everyone MUST know to survive in the dodgeball trenches. Read More
What an awesome weekend! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, we sure did. Thanks to all the teams, volunteers, NDL pros and fans who participated making the 2012 DWC the greatest so far.
Click here for photo and the recap.
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The Opening Rush - Issue 1 :: Welcome
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National Dodgeball Conference Playoff on
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Crossfire Wins Doritos Dodgeball Championship
The UK fell victim to the US as the San Diego Crossfire defeated the Leeds Hawkeyes at the Doritos Dodgeball Championship. The event was held poolside at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. See the video highlights Read More
2009 Dodgeball World Championship Recap
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The New York Epic plays for the record books
The New York Epic, plays dodgeball for 24 hours and 2 minutes to set a Guinness World Record for "The Longest Dodgeball Marathon." Read More
Congratulations 2008 DWC Winners
Announcing the winners of the 2008 Dodgeball World Championship. Read More
NDL Professional players team up with Hanes
The NDL's Professional players featured in the latest Hanes "Look who we've got our Hanes on now." tv commercial. Read More
NDL nominated for the Horizon Awards
The National Dodgeball League was nominated in the category of Emerging Sports Property. This nomination was based on it's accomplishment over the past year. Read More
It's official, we have a band: Fatkid Dodgeball
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A League Is Born
Three of the leading organizations in the rapidly growing dodgeball world have come together in a reorganization that will reshape the dodgeball landscape. Read More
$40,000 raised for Cancer Kids Fund at NDL Dodge-It Center
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. employees participated in the 2nd annual CHRW Dodgeball Tournament for Cancer Kids Fund. Read More
Artful Dodgers - Minnesota Score Article
How Minnesota is bouncing along with the sudden popularity of dodgeball. By Doug Frattallone Read More
Triple A, Dodges 60 Balls and 10,000 Fans in Atlanta
"I caught a ball from an unknown fan and fired it right back where it came from. The crowd exploded and now it was on!" Read More
Soups OUT and Dodgeball is IN
When the Shelby Fire Dept. was looking a for new fundraiser idea, dodgeball and the NDL provided the solution. Read More
Taking A Hit For Ryan's Hope
C.H. Robinson Worldwide sponsored the first DODGE THIS! Dodgeball Tournament, raise nearly $9000 to help build a new community playground in Collierville, Tennesse. Read More
The Ultimate College Weekend Rocked!
The bands were hot and the dodgeball was even hotter at the first-ever Ultimate College Weekend at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York. Read More
NDL In Charlotte, The Ultimate Mans Weekend
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Ions take on the Blur in half time exhibition game
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